A window with a view and crowdfunding

FullSizeRender (1)It has been a busy couple of weeks at The Kaman Law Firm, P.C.  I am still getting settled into the new office, but I couldn’t ask for a better location.  Too bad it’s cloudy today, but on a sunny day this view is fantastic.  I can open the windows for fresh air and the sounds of nature!

This week I’ve been learning more about a new way for small business to solicit and raise funds – crowdfunding for equity.  You have probably heard of kickstarer or gofundme.  Those websites allow you to help new companies raise funds by contributing money.  In exchange, you typically get a discount on products or are included in the first group of people to receive the newest products.  Typical small investors have not been able to gain equity in any of these businesses.  The 2012 JOBS Act changes this.  Staring in May 2016, businesses can solicit small investments from members of the general public and can give equity in the business in exchange for those investments.  The could be a neat way for small businesses to raise capital while giving folks a real stake in the success of the business.

In between learning new things, I’ve been helping clients purchase or sell homes in McHenry and Cook County – from Richmond to Morton Grove and Chicago.  I have also been helping individuals and families put together wills, powers of attorney, and trusts.

If you are in the area, please stop by to check out the new office:  407 E Congress Parkway, Suite E, Crystal Lake, IL

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