Legal Technology Provides More Efficient Service

The Kaman Law Firm, P.C. provides a better, more efficient service to its clients by utilizing the latest in legal technology.  Let me give an example.  Here’s the timeline:

  • 9:30AM:  I was informed that I needed a few additional signatures on a filing in a probate matter.  Both individuals lived out-of-state – one was living in Europe.
  • 10:30AM  My client provided me the email addresses of the individuals that needed to sign the document.
  • 11:30AM  I had the documents drafted and prepared for electronic signature, then emailed to the individuals.  SIDE NOTE:  This step probably would have happened sooner, but I was laid out by a bad case of the flu.  My client pointed out that technology hasn’t quite solved that one!
  • Just before 2PM:  I received notification that the documents had been signed by both individuals – including the individual living in Europe, who signed at 9 or 10PM local time from a tablet, smartphone or PC.
  • 3PM:  The signed documents were forwarded to the probate register for filing.
  • 4:30PM:  The probate register informed me that the paperwork was complete and ready for pickup.

Since I had the documents electronically signed, we saved WEEKS of time that would have otherwise been wasted waiting for the mail to come.

It’s not just electronic signatures.

I processed a retainer deposit over the phone, then refunded the leftover funds back to the credit card – instantly.  Last week, I had a 24-hour turnaround on a will-based estate plan for a client that was heading out of town.  This is all made possible by legal technology that assists me process information more efficiently and accurately.

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Finally, for any attorneys reading this, Lexicata made the above timeline possible.  I give Lexicata an A+, 5-Stars, etc. for their technology and customer service.  Check it out!

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