Foreclosure Sales and the Real Estate Investor

Are you someone that purchases homes at foreclosure sales for investment purposes?  The Kaman Law Firm, P.C. has the technology and experience to help make a real estate investor’s business run more smoothly.

My firm is particularly well-suited to help builders or investors that flip residential real estate for three specific reasons: (1) Apart from the closing documents, I use electronic signatures throughout the process to save significant time and avoid unnecessary trips to my office. (2) I can save you money on closing costs with flexible attorneys’ fees and title insurance costs.  (3) If you purchase homes at sheriff’s foreclosure sales, this is critical – I have many years of experience with the foreclosure process and working with distressed property.  Before you bid on a piece of property I can give insight on how smooth the rest of the foreclosure process will go and how quickly you can expect access to the property.  If the underlying foreclosure was contested it’s likely to continue to be contested, which means significant delays for you.  Two quick examples: (1) Client buys home at sheriff’s sale for $100k + cash in late 2015 – due to extensive litigation by the defendant-homeowners, the client still does not have access to the property.  (2)  Client buyers home at sheriff’s sale for nearly $200k cash in early 2017, but defendant-homeowners in underlying foreclosure are still attempting to close a short sale that was started in December 2016.  Client still has no access to the property.  Both circumstances could have been avoided by a review of the underlying foreclosure by an experience attorney.

If you know a builder or investor that flips residential real estate, please have them call me at 224-532-2416 or email at

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