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Peace of Mind

Uncertainty causes stress. We will help bring you peace of mind by listening to your situation, explaining available options, and creating a unique real estate action plan that meets your needs and expectations.

Achieve Goals

By taking the time to understand your unique situation, we will help you understand your options, and set and achieve your goals.

Preserve Relationships

Change can be stressful. During times of stress, personal and business relationships can suffer. Preserve those important relationships by making it a priority to foster peace and unity.

Who we are

The Kaman Law Firm P.C. takes tremendous pride and satisfaction in helping families and businesses navigate the complex world of real estate law. Real estate satisfies one of our most basic needs – shelter – but can serve so many other purposes. It can be an investment and source of income. It can be the storefront that drives customers, the warehouse to store inventory, or manufacturing facility to create your product. Whether you want to buy, sell or lease, let the Kaman Law Firm be your source of experience and expert legal counsel.


Take a second look at my firm’s logo.  The K contains an olive branch.  Traditionally, the olive branch stood for the concept of peace.  Peace is my goal as an attorney and the owner of this firm. 

Attorney Jonathan B. Kaman started law school with an eye toward opening a law firm to serve individuals, families, and businesses. Jonathan attended Drake University Law School in Des Moines, Iowa to study in its prestigious Neal & Bea Smith Legal Clinic. Upon receiving his Illinois law license, Jonathan worked for a firm that represented lenders in foreclosure proceedings. In June of 2015, Jonathan left that firm to open The Kaman Law Firm, P.C. Jonathan is licensed in Illinois and Wisconsin.

Except for a year skiing the Montana Rockies as an undergrad and three years of law school in Iowa, Jonathan is a lifelong resident of northern Illinois. When he isn’t working, Jonathan can be found sailing on Lake Michigan, skiing, or working with his wife Theresa to restore their 110-year-old home.

University of Illinois – Chicago:  Bachelors of Art, Psychology
Drake University Law School: Juris Doctor


Bar Association Memberships
Illinois State Bar Association
State Bar of Wisconsin

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The sale or purchase of a home can be an exciting – but sometimes stressful – time. For most people, such events represent the largest and most complicated money transactions of their lifetime. There are many moving parts to a real estate transaction – deadlines, contingencies, possible inspection issues, and/or title issues – and many different personalities – multiple attorneys, real estate agents and lenders – so having an attorney counsel you through the process is very important. An attorney is your ally in this process and can be trusted to provide experienced and unbiased advice at each step of the transaction. The Kaman Law Firm, P.C. can help make sure that your arrival at the closing table goes as smoothly as possible.

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In some ways, a commercial real estate transaction is similar to residential. It’s exciting – and sometimes stressful – to sell an investment or purchase a bigger space for your business. Both types of transactions involve multiple contingencies, many different parties, financing, and title insurance. However, commercial transaction can be vastly more complicated. For starters, the commercial purchase and sale agreement is typically uniquely drafted for each transaction. The attorneys for the buyers and sellers negotiate the terms, then draft the documents. Commercial lenders may have more requirements for the purchaser. Sellers may need to be concerned about environmental issues. Buyers need to be certain that the property can actually be used for its intended purpose. These issues – and the many others that come up during a commercial transaction – are best navigated with knowledgeable and experienced counsel at your side.



Many of us have rented an apartment or home. We scanned the lease agreement and signed at the bottom. While that may not have negatively affected us, just signing at the bottom of a commercial lease can have very serious implications. Commercial leases can be very different from residential leases. Generally, commercial leases are negotiable. Some commercial leases have the tenant to paying property taxes, common area maintenance, and insurance – in addition to a base rent. Commercial leases can place the burden of unit maintenance on the tenant. The rental period can be for significantly more time than in residential leases. Tenants that want to build out their unit will want to fully understand their obligations. Feel confident in your commercial lease by having the Kaman Law Firm, P.C. counsel you through the process.

To complement our focus on Real Estate Law, The Kaman Law Firm, P.C. also assists clients with Estate Planning and
Business Law.

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